Electric Piano

EP-Station re-creates the classic electric piano sounds, using FM modelling.
Like all our vst instruments, EP-station is available both as a vst plugin or as a standalone synth.
EP-Station generates sound by mixing 3 different raw electric piano FM models. The mix output is then processed by an effects section composed of tremolo, phaser, stereo chorus, and autopan.
Each of the 3 models have separate controls for mix level, tuning, decay time, brightness, and velocity response (with 3 different velocity curves). The playing velocity can be used to control the overall model level, or its brightness, or both.
If you need that classic sound in a free and easy to tweak package, look no further !

EP-Station is available as freeware after registration on this site.

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    "I like the Cheeze Machine, it's nice, kind of warm, uncomplicated, easy to understand bit like the perfect woman :)" - Blue
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