The Zen Database API

The Zen API is a high-performance library built on top of SQLite, for performing tags-based and full-text search in large datasets.

Alchemy 1.5 New Browser

The highlight of Camelaudio’s update to their Alchemy synth is the new preset browser. Camelaudio did a fantastic job at categorizing all their presets libraries, making it a breeze to navigate your patches collection. This browser is slick, fast, and tremendously improves workflow.
Now, you may be wondering why I am posting about a competitor’s [...]

A Christmas no-brainer

All Rhino commercial presets for $25
(instead of $181).

Thanks for being a loyal user of our products. We hope you will use them to make wonderful music in 2012 and all the years to come…

Dear Friends,
We love Christmas.
We receive lots of wonderful presents.
We hope you do too.
Now is our time to exchange…
86% off
Rhino commercial presets [...]

Zen: now for x64….

Zen 1.6.5 has just been released, and is now available for x64.

Accessing the Zen database – for plugin developers

Want to make a preset browser for your synth ? look here….

Zen 1.6.4 update

Here’s a new Zen update, with a new feature – automatic scan of available VST plugins. Zen is now able to find your supported plugins in your VST folder.

In addition, this release fixes crashes when entering text data in Reaper, so make sure you install the update !
You can download it here.

Rhino|CM add-on

Baby Rhino is 1 year old !

New Rhino bank: WildLife

WILDLIFE is a new Rhino soundbank by Sound Designer extraordinaire Daniel Stawczyk (aka STATUS).
It features 128 presets, mostly industrial, gritty leads, and ambient textures – complete with user control assignments for expressive playing.
The presets can be previewed and purchased individually through Zen. Alternatively, you can listen to an audio demo here.

1.6 beta 3 – one small step, one giant leap

Zen 1.6 public beta 3 release notes

Zen 1.5.3 update

It keeps getting better….

Zen 1.5 released

All about the new Zen 1.5….

About const-correctness

A nasty morning bug, thankfully caught by the compiler…

Zen & Virtual Banks

One plugin browser to rule them all….

Zen Vst Extensions – take 2

This is a more advanced draft of the extensions API – used for cooperation between Zen and the plugins.

ZenDB API thoughts

How this all works – trying to make it easier to understand….

A preliminary view of the Zen API’s

Or how to make your plugin “Zen-aware”…

BigTick Christmas promotion: only 2 weeks left

Don’t miss our Holiday sale: until December 31, we are offering a 50% discount on Rhino virtual synthesizer. This is a unique occasion to own this classic, now for 35 € only.

Go to our online shop and use coupon code XMAS2010 to get your discount.

RhinoCM 2.09

RhinoCM 2.09 released !

Zen !

Just announced Zen on kvr – and I think the feedback has been great so far. People have very legitimate and relevant questions, but with a genuine interest. I’m glad I wasn’t so far off, about about 9 months ago, when I started writing down the Zen requirements: the music software industry is now ready [...]

RhinoCM 2.08 available

Here is a new update for RhinoCM !

RhinoCM fix for Cubase

Couldn’t get RhinoCM to work in CubaseSX ? Here is a solution…

Backup, backup…

Once can never have enough of these… I have nothing but praises for OSX’s built-in Time Machine, but as I’m not carrying my USB drive when traveling, I needed some kind of automated, internet-based solution… I finally ended up using a modified version of this script, it works really well… I feel safer now [...]

Rhino|CM – soon in bookstores !

Here is what has kept me busy for most of the last month – ComputerMusic’s Rhino|CM, a fully-functional streamlined version of Rhino that will be given away in their June issue. This little baby runs on the same engine than his big Rhino brother, with a reduced number of oscillators, filters, and effects. It [...]

Rhino 2.06 upgrade available

Hi Rhinomaniacs, here is a new version of the monster:
version 2.06 adds:
- new spectral editing functions (read about them here)
- new, quick A/D/S/R editing for envelopes.
- next/previous buttons for waveform selection
- UI performance improvements
- Midi activity indicator and panic button
- and the usual bunch of small bug fixes
and yes, the bug with incorrectly [...]

Quick ADSR control of Rhino envelopes

It seems my previous post (the envelope modulation time mini-tutorial) gave away one of the features I have been working on for Rhino 2.06: quick ADSR editing of Rhino envelopes. Did you notice the new A, D, S, R parameters at the top of the envelope window ?
Rhino 2.06 will add 4 new, assignable A, [...]

Envelope Time modulation mini-tutorial

Some users have requested this (maybe the documentation is not clear enough), so here a mini tutorial showing how to make envelope attack time shorter for higher notes.
First define an envelope with 1 second attack, and set the modulation marker (the little downwards pointing triangle) to 20 ms.

and then use the Keyboard Time Modulation curve [...]

Got my domain name back !

so this site can now be accessed either with, or
Still, I hate the fact that I had to pay a lawyer to get my domain name back.

Web site moved, lost a dash

Due to a legal dispute with my website hoster, I had to move to another server. Hopefully the disruption has been minimal, with the only visible consequence being the loss of a dash in the domain name. So yes, we are now, until the lawyers and judges give me back. At this [...]

More additive editing options

After playing around with Rhino spectral editing functions yesterday, I wanted to add editing features to directly interact with the actual waveform. Because all of the internal computations are done in the frequency domain, modified waveforms are FFT-analyzed behind the scenes, and then resynthesized using the additive engine – renormalizing and removing any DC offset [...]

Playing with the additive editor

I have been playing around with the additive editor lately, trying to reorganize the spectral edition features, and add more useful ones. Here is a short example, using the “interpolate” option to generate constant harmonics over the full spectrum…

… resulting in an approximation (because we only use 64 harmonics) of an infinite spike at the [...]

VST Feng Shui

Rule number 1: get rid of the clutter
Over the years I have written a number of vst synths and effects, many of which are now part of the vst history, dating back from the very first days of Steinberg’s sdk. They were proud companions of Neon or Pro-52 in the software arsenal of computer musicians [...]

A journey of a thousand miles…

… begins with a single step.
so here we are… taking that dreaded first step… with a first post in the blog, a new website, a new Rhino version, and of course, many new ideas for future products… so watch this space, fellow musician – and feel free to leave feedback !

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