VST Feng Shui

Rule number 1: get rid of the clutter

Over the years I have written a number of vst synths and effects, many of which are now part of the vst history, dating back from the very first days of Steinberg’s sdk. They were proud companions of Neon or Pro-52 in the software arsenal of computer musicians in the previous millenium, and, according to the feedback I receive regularly, still find their way into many tracks today. However, with the launch of my new company, I have found that I need to better focus my energies, and I have thus decided to keep only Rhino in my current products list (don’t worry, more will come…).

This means that Angelina, EP-station, Rainbow, and many other unreleased effects are now and forever free to download. The only thing I request from you is to register on this web site – you will be able to download them after registering.

Happy music making !

8 Responses to “VST Feng Shui”

  1. Michael Harding Says:


  2. davidlinn Says:

    Thank you for years of great sounds. Rhino is in my top 5 vst’s that always find a spot in every piece. Amazing instrument! Thank you for offering your other instruments for free. I’ve used them all since Rhino first came out. I’m excited about the update.

  3. justified Says:

    Thank you so much for Angelina giveaway!

  4. moonove Says:

    Thanks for sharing this great stuff dude ;) Cheers mr Mercure :p

  5. dukeL Says:

    Thanks alot for the freebies!

    Looking forward to trying them out!

    Rhino looks sweeet!!!

  6. DanJack Says:

    Thanks for sharing these!

  7. Martin Walker Says:

    I would never describe Rainbow as clutter ;)

    Ever since I reviewed it in Sound On Sound magazine way back in the April 2002 issue I’ve been a fan of your work, and have created various presets for it:


    The very best of luck with your latest projects!

  8. synthman Says:

    Angelina – pure pad hapiness. One of the very greatest (now) free VSTs on the entire web!

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    "Rhino is a masterpiece! Developer support for this synth has been second to none, and Big Tick is always willing to listen for new ideas to make this (and all of his other) products better. You just wont find this kind of support from "big name" developers. Back to this synth- massive sound generation capabilities and a clean easy to read GUI." - Craig Albright, USA
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