Alchemy 1.5 New Browser

The highlight of Camelaudio’s update to their Alchemy synth is the new preset browser. Camelaudio did a fantastic job at categorizing all their presets libraries, making it a breeze to navigate your patches collection. This browser is slick, fast, and tremendously improves workflow.

Now, you may be wondering why I am posting about a competitor’s product… Well, to start with, I have been friend with the Camels since their creation in 2000. We go back a long way, and I really admire their products.

But there is more to that. Ben got in touch with me almost 12 months ago, to discuss their plans for their browser after seeing the Zen engine in action. It quickly became clear that Zen already included a lot of the functionality they wanted, and was extendable enough to add the other features they needed… which is is how, under the hood, Alchemy’s browser is now powered by Zen, customized by the Camels to handle articulation and genre, among other things. They also wrote their own integrated UI for it. It is a thing of beauty, and certainly sets the standard for integrated presets browsers.

3 Responses to “Alchemy 1.5 New Browser”

  1. Klemperer Says:

    Now that’s a nice thing to know. I used their Cameleon5000 nearly as early as I played with your wonderful Rhino (v1 back in the day). So I should update my alchemy too, I was at 1.06 up to now.
    And as you post about alchemy – there is just Rhino 2.11 arrived, as I see :) .

  2. Paul Williams Says:

    A lot of dev should use your services.
    Like Lenard Digital guys for Sylenth or the Sound Spire Guys. Their synth are really good but unusable because of the lack of preset management.

    Wish you big success

  3. Big Tick Says:

    Thanks ! Feel free to suggest it to them :)

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