A journey of a thousand miles…

… begins with a single step.

so here we are… taking that dreaded first step… with a first post in the blog, a new website, a new Rhino version, and of course, many new ideas for future products… so watch this space, fellow musician – and feel free to leave feedback !

4 Responses to “A journey of a thousand miles…”

  1. davidlinn Says:

    So… what’s on the horizon?

  2. Big Tick Says:

    It’s too early to tell, unfortunately… But it’s going to be something *very* new… :)

  3. Jade Says:

    The horizon is looking very bright!!

  4. Big Tick Says:

    Oh, and meet Jade… she’s going to deal with PR and marketing….

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    "Rhino is a masterpiece! Developer support for this synth has been second to none, and Big Tick is always willing to listen for new ideas to make this (and all of his other) products better. You just wont find this kind of support from "big name" developers. Back to this synth- massive sound generation capabilities and a clean easy to read GUI." - Craig Albright, USA
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