A journey of a thousand miles…

… begins with a single step.

so here we are… taking that dreaded first step… with a first post in the blog, a new website, a new Rhino version, and of course, many new ideas for future products… so watch this space, fellow musician – and feel free to leave feedback !

4 Responses to “A journey of a thousand miles…”

  1. davidlinn Says:

    So… what’s on the horizon?

  2. Big Tick Says:

    It’s too early to tell, unfortunately… But it’s going to be something *very* new… :)

  3. Jade Says:

    The horizon is looking very bright!!

  4. Big Tick Says:

    Oh, and meet Jade… she’s going to deal with PR and marketing….

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    "A great smooth string ensemble sound for creating textures or lifting arrangements. Cheeze Machine sounds amazing through VST's Chopper or a Leslie sim. Pure ambience!" - John Moore - Music Mart Magazine, UK
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