More additive editing options

After playing around with Rhino spectral editing functions yesterday, I wanted to add editing features to directly interact with the actual waveform. Because all of the internal computations are done in the frequency domain, modified waveforms are FFT-analyzed behind the scenes, and then resynthesized using the additive engine – renormalizing and removing any DC offset in the process.

The first part of the movie shows how to use spectral editing functions to generate a clean square wave, and the second part shows direct manipulation of the waveform. Horizontal drag resamples the left and right parts of the waveform to transform the square wave into a pulse of variable width. Vertical drag “pushes” the waveform around to generate interesting shapes. Now I must look for a way to add things like clipping, bit quantizing or sync retrigger…

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  1. Nonplus Says:

    Nice! ..been using Rhino for 4+ years but additive is still daunting. Looking forward to this!

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